GoldenDoodle Puppies

Goldendoodle Babies are our specialty. See our Available Puppies for updates

  • Did you know that our Golden Retriever parents are our own line of Golden Retrievers since 1986! Fully OFA /DNA certified Champion parents from Europe, America and Australia. Our Goldens are literally the worlds best bred Goldens. Our main stud, Brady, father to many Safari mothers, won Best In Show.
  • We have F1/ first generation: Golden Retriever + Poodle. Read about Doodle Generations here.
  • We have F1b/ second generation: F1 Goldendoodle + Poodle
  • Mini/Medium size: 20-40 lbs, 16″-19″ tall to top of back
  • Standard size: 45-65 lbs, 20″-26″ tall to top of back. Read about Doodle Sizes here.
  • Coat types are: Straight Fleece, Wavy Fleece, Curly Fleece
  • Coat shed is Very Light (less than 10%) and Light (10-20%) compared to a Golden Retriever’s 100% shedding. Read about Shedding here.
  • Coat colors are: Cream, Light Golden, Medium Golden, Dark Golden and Red. We have all the shades that Golden Retrievers come in.
  • Every puppy is unique, please fill out a puppy application and inform us of your preferences. We are experienced at matching you to the best puppy options. Please read below for more details on making a Safari Doodle puppy your very own.
  • –Puppy Application–

Upcoming Goldendoodle Litters

F1b mini to medium Goldendoodles, Rosie & Squid, due mid-September. Puppies would be going home mid-November. **BORN, litter is full but will take back-ups**
F1 mini to medium Goldendoodles, Joule & Levi, due mid-October, puppies would be going home mid-December *This breeding may not have been successful, we are watching closely*
We set pick orders based on date deposit is paid but do not start the pick order until the litters are born.

Puppies pictured below are previous puppies we have produced.

-Puppy Application-

How does Safari Doodles raise puppies?

All our mother dogs give birth and raise their puppies inside the house. We believe to properly develop, each litter must live in the main part of the house and receive constant attention. To do this, we enlist Guardian Home raisers who keep the mother dog at their house until the puppies are weaned. Once weaned, the puppies come to the Safari Doodles ranch to get ready for their new homes. At the ranch we vaccinate/ deworm, the vet comes over to examine puppies, lots of play in the playroom, microchip, temperament test, groom, explore in the activity room, litter box potty train, get snuggles etc. We know that how your puppy is raised makes all the difference. Our goal is to enrich our puppies’ lives to ensure you get the very best raised puppy. Read more on How Safari Doodles Raises Puppies.

How do I know if Safari Doodles is a reputable breeder?

Here at Safari Doodles we fully health test our parent dogs. In addition, the whole line of genetics prior to the parents are health tested as well. We certify every parent dog’s health with OFA. As a minimum we test and certify OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Heart, OFA Eyes, DNA Full panel of all relevant diseases. Safari Doodles carefully breeds our dogs to ensure each litter has the proper pairing of genetics. Please read more about Safari Doodles’ Heath and Testing.

Safari Doodles began breeding doodles in 2009. Since the late 1980’s we have shown, trained and bred Golden Retrievers. Our lines are made up of the world’s best genetics. We have imported show dogs from Europe. We purchased dogs from well known service dog lines. Our Golden Retrievers and Poodles have outstanding pedigrees. To see more about our Golden Retriever line, see our Golden Retrievers page.

Safari Doodles has a wide spread reputation for producing great dogs and our reviews on FaceBook reflect this. Our referrals are endless. Safari Doodles main focus is to produce Service Dogs for people with disabilities. In every litter we evaluate puppies to place with Service / Assistant Dog Trainers. Our list of puppies who were placed to become Service dogs are in the hundreds. We have many vets who refer their clients to consider us for their next Goldendoodle. Dog trainers, groomers, whole neighborhoods refer to us. It is important to us to do whatever it takes to keep the integrity of the Safari Doodles name alive.

How much is a Safari Doodles puppy?

All puppies, regardless of size, variety, color or sex are $3500. A deposit of $500 of that is paid up front to be placed on our master list to wait your turn to be offered a litter based on the seniority of your deposit. $3000 remaining purchase price is due once your puppy is chosen at 8 weeks of age. As of summer 2020 the wait time to receive a puppy is 4-8 months.

How do I reserve a Safari Doodles puppy?

Please fill out a Puppy Application. Tell us what size, color, coat type, generation, temperament type and any other particulars you desire in a Goldendoodle. We then evaluate your request and offer you the correct litter/puppy for your needs. Our specialty is helping you with the perfect placement by learning what you desire and knowing our genetics. We Volhard Temperament Test our puppies to guide the match making. Do you need a dog for a child with special needs? That is our specialty. Our focus at Safari Doodles is breeding the best genetics, paired with quality raising to match families with the exact dog for their needs.

-Puppy Application-

Watch our Goldendoodle puppies playing in our house

Adult Goldendoodles, made by Safari Doodles
(no, these dogs are not available, these dogs all have homes)