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Yearly Vaccines have become a normal protocol since the distemper vaccine in the 1950’s and later the Parvo vaccine in the 1980’s. Due to no…
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Dog Food

At Safari Doodles we strongly believe in a well balanced and natural diet for our dogs. A dog eating only one brand of dry dog…
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Pack Hierarchy

I’ve lived with a pack of dogs of 5-20 dogs at a time, for 35 years.  I’ve obedience trained over 10,000 dogs, with my own…
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Flea Meds: FDA Warning

Based on science and long standing positive reputation, Safari Doodles uses and suggest the following products for flea prevention: Revolution (avoid the Plus version) Advantage…
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When to Alter?

Study on when to sexually alter mixed breed dogs, based on their sizes.  “One major finding from the present study is that despite the dogs…
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