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Vacation at Safari Ranch

Dogs love our Safari Ranch vacations. They play hours a day in secure large yards. Our Safari Ranch is a great choice for young active dogs who love to play-play all day.

  • $80/day per room for 1 dog. Additional same-family dogs in same room $50/each.
  • 10:00 AM / 7 days a week is Pick Up/ Drop off at the Safari Ranch. We encourage you to visit us on the first drop off visit so you are familiar with where your dog is vacationing.
  • We also offer pick up/drop off AT YOUR HOME. Cost is $100 per trip for up to 30 miles from our ranch in Aubrey TX. Additional fee of $1.50 added per mile after the first 30 miles.
  • Multiple large play yards with 5’ tall mesh wire fencing. Dogs are separated by size and play style.
  • Secure indoor/outdoor dog rooms
  • Inside dog rooms are 4’x6’ with a PlexiDoor Saloon style dog door. Climate controlled
  • Outside private yards connect to each room with a dog-door. 4’ x 12’ with a concrete patio and gravel potty area. Fans for circulation and securely locked at night.
  • We can feed a raw/fresh food diet to your dog. Send your dog’s special diet, or, we will feed our raw food.
  • Only gentle and non-toxic cleaners used to clean kennel/bowls. Vinegar, Dawn, Simple Green are the only substances used. And we also rinse well with clean water after.
  • No toxic chemicals are used in our play yards. You can trust your dog is playing on healthy soil!
  • Kennel owner Alicia lives in the house next door to the kennel. Additional staff come in to clean and play with your dog. But, Alicia and her family are the main caregivers and oversee the kennel.
  • We only allow dog-friendly and trustworthy dogs to play in groups. If your dog is not a fan of the rowdy young dogs, no problem! We have private play yards, plus a yard for small dogs and senior dogs.
  • We cater to Retrievers, Doodles and pack-social friendly dog breeds.

Fun at the Safari Ranch
  • We support minimal vaccines. Dogs need rabies every 3 years. AND Only one vaccine of Distemper/Parvo after 1 year of age. We also accept titers test for rabies /parvo / distemper.
  • We suggest your dog have some form of flea/tick prevention, but it is not required.
  • Intact dog? Great. We are pro-intact dogs and are very familiar with managing play groups of intact dogs.
  • Sending your dog’s raw / fresh food? Great! Please put all food and supplements in daily portions. We can freeze, refrigerate, thaw or warm as directed. We can not cook the food.
  • We can feed your dog our raw diet. $5/day for dogs 30 lbs or less. $8/day dogs over 30 lbs. Our raw diet is mainly rotating between beef / lamb / chicken. We also feed eggs, sardines, liver, other organ meats, Dr Harvey’s Raw Vibrance OR our veggie gut health mix.
  • Doodles and other long hair breeds need to be 1” or less on the body. Dogs play hard in the dirt/mud and get very dirty here. It’s a lot of fun for the dogs, but that long hair is a nightmare to clean after. We are not groomers and do not brush or trim dogs. Please send your long hair dog in a short cut so he can enjoy the ranch!
  • We can provide a dog cot for your dog to sleep on. You may also bring your own dog bed…. But… often dogs chew up their beds, and for sure your bed will get dirty from all the dirt/ mud your dog is playing in.
  • Contact Form to book your dog’s vacation.