Dog Training

Diabetic Alert Dogs and Trained dogs

Starting as early as 4 months of age your puppy can enroll in the Safari Doodles Boot Camp training regimen. Boot Camp training is most effective when 3 weeks long. We charge $175/day. For puppies we suggest 3 weeks at 4-5 months of age to give the puppy a basic education of commands and manners. Later when the puppy is 7-9 months we suggest another 2-3 weeks to advance the commands. At this more mature age we can have much higher expectations than when the puppy was 4 months old. For adult dogs who have not been trained we suggest 3-4 weeks at one time.  Boot camp is $175 per day for 3 weeks of continuous stay at our home near Denton Texas.

The lessons are taught with positive motivation and then advanced to full off leash control: Crate, Potty outside, Heel on the left/no pull on leash, Come, Leave it, Sit, Lay Down, Stay, plus manners including No Bite and No Jumping up. All the dogs in training live in the house and play with friendly dogs in our well fenced back yard.

We take your dog into public for on leash training with distraction and at home we train mostly all off leash. Your dog will receive hours per day with a professional dog trainer plus plenty of play time with other dogs at our homes. Many dogs need 3-4 weeks to become solid in their training

In-Home private lessons for new clients are $250. Follow up lessons are $150. We cater the lesson to your needs. The focus is to train you, the owner, to understand dog behavior so that you best know how to relate to your dog and become a great leader. We can teach you how to solve behavior problems plus train you and your dog in all areas of obedience. Families with any age puppy or dog can benefit.

Email us at our Safari Contact Form to request more info or to book training for your dog

Check out a Spring 2023 graduate of our 3 week Boot Camp. You can watch Bear’s Boot Camp Video here at this link.