Puppy Application

Safari Doodle Puppies

    What gender do you prefer?

    Either SexMale onlyMale preferred (may consider female)Female onlyFemale preferred (may consider male)

    What variety of Doodle are you looking for? (Choose all that apply)
    We have access to stud dogs of many breeds. This allows for many Doodle types.

    Bordoodle = Border Collie & Poodle blendCavaPoo = Cavalier King Charles + PoodleGoldendoodle = Golden Retriever & Poodle blendHavaPoo/HavaGoldenDoodle = Havanese crossNewfieDoodle = Newfoundland + PoodleSheepadoodle = Old English Sheepdog + PoodleI'm open to varieties

    What size Doodle are you looking for?
    (We rarely produce Doodles under 20 lbs. Dogs are measured from the ground to the top of their back over their shoulders.)

    Petite: under 20 lbs / under 16"Mini: 20-35 lbs / 16-18"Medium: 30-45lbs 17-20"Standard: 50 lbs+ / 21-26"Large: 70lbs+ / 26-30"+

    What generation of Doodle are you looking for? (Choose all that apply)

    F1 = Parent Breed (i.e. Retriever) + PoodleF1b = F1 Doodle + Poodle blendF2, F3, Multi-Gen = both parents are DoodlesI'm open to any generation

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