Fresh Homemade Dog Food

This week in February 2021 I took my “old men” to the vet. My boys are 8, 10 & 10 years old. They are a mini poodle, standard poodle and a golden retriever. We did a senior blood panel, thyroid, prostate check, urine check, fecal check plus cancer screening. All 3 boys were in perfect health. All 3 boys are regularly still producing healthy litters of puppies. To learn more about feeding a fresh food diet to your dog, check out more of our articles here in our Safari Doodles Education blog

This example picture is about 1-1.5 lbs. This feeds an adult of normal activity who weights about 50 lbs.

My boys eat a fresh food diet. I rotate what they eat per day/week. All my healthy adults eat just 1 meal a day. Puppies or sick dogs get 2-4 meals a day.

The majority of my dogs’ diet is cooked or raw chicken. Depending on the health of the dog dictates if I do raw or cooked. While a dog is sick the food is cooked. My healthy dogs get raw. I feed Chicken because that is the cheapest and easiest to feed. Also, none of my dogs in 30+ years have ever been chicken allergic. We feed lamb and/or beef 1-3 total meals a week. (Cooked for ill dogs, raw for healthy dogs) 

Nearly every day my dogs get eggs. I feed 1 egg to dogs 20 lbs or less. 2 eggs to dogs 20-50. 3 eggs to dogs over 50 lbs. Feeding eggs is cheap, easy and power packed nutrition. Eggs can be cooked or raw.

The dogs get sardines with fresh dark leafy greens about 3 days a week. I put the sardines & greens together in the blender. Adding canned sardines with the greens is very yummy to the dogs! The sardines also give lots of nutrients including necessary DHA. Without the meat blended in the greens, it is not likely my dogs would eat their greens. I use Mustard, Kale, Spinach greens mostly. Feeding greens and sardines is cheap, easy and power packed nutrition.

Most days my dogs get blended up FRESH veggies like zucchini, Lima beans, asparagus, cauliflower, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts. And for cooked they get pumpkin & many varieties of squash. The following recipe of fruit/ veggies can be made with no beef and the veggie mix given separate with any meat for the day. These veggies/fruit were chosen based on my research. These foods all improve gut health. They provide the right Prebiotics and nutrients for a healthy digestion in my dogs.

Example of food prep for meals to store in the freezer. This recipe made 43 days of food for a 50 lbs dog for about $160 (purchased at Walmart) Increase the meat per meal and cost will rise. The recipe can be made without the ground beef to serve your dog with any meat meal for the day. Suggested daily diet of 60%-80% meat to 20%-40% veggies/other.

1️⃣ Cooked Beef (fat drained).

2️⃣Cooked (or canned) Pumpkin & cooked (or canned) butternut squash mixed together.

3️⃣The fruit/veggies are blended in my Ninja

4️⃣The raw meat: chicken gizzards for organ meat. (Or cooked)

5️⃣ Cooked oatmeal can really help with loose stools. I suggest making it with broth vs just water. This makes it taste better. Also, don’t feed rice. Rice is starch that grows the wrong bacteria.

  • Beef & veggie bulk meal for gut health. Links to Amazon for delivery
  • $16 – 6 lbs / 8 Zucchini. (Get 5 orders of the 2 pack for a total of 10 pieces)
  • $6 – 3 lbs/ 4 bags frozen Lima Beans. Or if you need to order cans instead: Use 6 cans/$6 total
  • $3 – 4 lbs / Bananas (order 2 of the 2lbs bags)
  • $4 – 1/2 lbs/ 1 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • $3 – 1/2 lbs/ 8 Oz bag frozen cranberries (Central Market/Walmart/ sprouts/ Market Street/ HEB)
  • $18- 6 lbs Butternut Squash fresh/cooked or 6 cans $18. (Must order 12 cans)
  • $12 – 5.6 lbs/ 6 cans 15oz each can pumpkin
  • $14.08 3.12 lbs/ 4 cans 12.5 oz canned chicken in water. $3.52/can
  • $90- 18 lbs ground beef 90% lean- 10% fat $5/lbs. For this exact recipe order 18 lbs, or as much as 40 lbs for more meat & less veggies per day.
  • $12 – 6 lbs fresh chicken Gizzards/hearts (or cooked)
  • This recipe made 43 days of food for a 50 lbs dog for about $164
  • In addition, as a topper to mix per meal, use ground Antlers for calcium/phosphorus. Or, feed raw chicken/duck bones. (See our other blog posts for details)

To learn more about feeding a fresh food diet to your dog, check out more of our articles here in our Safari Doodles Education blog

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