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Dog Food

  • At Safari Doodles we strongly believe in a well balanced and natural diet for our dogs. A dog eating only one brand of dry dog food, month after month, is not his healthiest self. Is your dog itchy? Does your dog bite his paws? Are you battling yeast and bacteria in your dog’s ears? Does your dog have tummy issues? Does he throw up for no apparent reason? Does your Doodle not like the many brands of dry dog food you try?
  • The answer to all your issues: STOP Feeding your dog only dry food. It is time to prepare a healthy raw or cooked diet for your dog.
  • Eating fresh meat and appropriate ingredients will change your dog’s health
  • Since 1985, not one dog that lives full time at the Safari Ranch has ever been allergic. That is hundreds of dogs who we have owned/ lived long term with us over the past 35+ years. We can take in an adult with a host of issues: scratching, itching, hot spots, tummy upsets… etc, and after a few months eating a fresh cooked or raw diet, ZERO health problems
  • Please do your dog a favor and feed him a fresh diet
  • See our Nutrition Page for more details
  • – Alicia of Safari Doodles
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