Hank the NewfiPoo

Learn what it’s like to live with an adult NewfiDoodle. Hank was raised by us and then sold to a great home where he lives his best life.

Hank is big-boy NewfiPoo. 100 lbs of love. Hank is a son of Strada & Stampy. He’s 1/2 Newfoundland & 1/2 standard poodle and 2 years old. Hank is 29” tall to the back & about 37” to the top of his head.

Hank was raised in a home with kids and small dogs. He’s totally trustworthy with all small humans. Hank is sensitive and easily gets his feelings hurt. He is gentle and kind. He will retreat and avoid rather than be pushy if he’s not sure of a situation. That makes him fabulous for small kids. He also enjoys kids grabbing ahold of him and crawling on him. Hank is a real life giant teddy Bear.

Hank has his booster shots, on flea & heartworm prevention and is neutered. We waited to neuter until he was an adult so his body could fully mature first. He eats a health fresh food raw diet of 2-3 lbs a day of meat. He has no health problems.

Hank is very easy to wash & blow dry. He is no problem when it is beauty shop time.

Hank grew up living a farm life. He is used to open space, off leash & farm animals. He is also used to being in the house. He has visited town and is good at parties. Hank is good in the car and travels well.

Hank has some basic obedience training. What he really has is good quality real life manners. He knows to keep all 4 on the floor, no jumping up. He follows us everywhere we go- no running off. Hank is polite on a leash. He’s a good boy to live with and very easy.

Hank can live well with cats, all dogs & farm animals. Sometimes he wants to play with a sheep or chicken, but he listens when told he can’t. He is incredibly gentle and kind.

Hank can be too sensitive for some people. He’s a gentle soul who doesn’t want to be told he’s wrong. Hank does best with following pattens and routine expectations vs being micro managed. He has a Newfoundland brain. That equals dumb, yet agreeable! Newfoundlands are not known for being in Mensa. Newfs are the nanny dogs of the world. Gentle, sweet, routine life is best for a Newf.

For Hank’s future, he will do well in a house with a yard. He is not cut out for urban life in a high rise flat, loud noises and potty on the street. Hank is used to some space to run off leash & play in a yard. If you have some yard space he will be happy. He is also good on leash or off leash for walks. If you live in nature you can easily have Hank follow along off leash. It would be good to give him two short walks a day. He is good after 10 minutes of “ excitement”. It doesn’t take much to get his energy needs & curiosity met. He is also a great candidate for dog park play or chase/explore in a large yard. Any method you like, he will be happy after 10 minutes to relax again.

Hank can sleep in a play pen, or behind a baby gate. He respects boundaries. He is not used to being in a cramped crate for long periods. He is fine in a crate in the car but it takes an enormous crate to hold him comfortably for sleeping. He also needs a chew bone in his area so he has entertainment. With a bone & a space of his own, he’s a very easily entertained. There is no whining or stress when he is left alone.

Hank is SOLD. He was raised near Dallas Texas. He could be picked up at our ranch, or delivered by car to you. We use a reputable pet transport company for long distant delivery by car. Hank is SOLD $6000

Video of Hank