Potty Box / Play Pens

My Favorite products to potty train the Safari Doodles way

At Safari Doodles we are very concerned our puppies learn proper potty habits starting at 3 weeks old. Our puppies learn to use a potty box while with us. This helps you potty train your puppy since it allows you freedom to leave the puppy in a play pen with access to his potty box. No more getting up multiple times during the night for potty appointments in the yard. No more rushing home to potty the puppy when you run errands. No more leaving your puppy in a small crate all day. Our system of using a play pen and a potty box reduces your stress and hassle of raising a young puppy.

Puppy eliminating in a potty box

Wire Shelf & Washing Machine Pan

This is the potty box we use for smaller /younger puppies- under 5 lbs. This is a white plastic washing machine pan. The wire shelves are cut to fit. Wood clamps hold the shelves in place. A pee pad catches the droppings.

Play Pen and Potty Box

Play Pen & Taller Potty Box

This potty box uses a black rabbit hutch pan with a pee pad under it. No wood clamps are used in this set up. The pen has vertical bars. We highly suggest getting this style of pen to prevent the puppy climbing out.