JuneBug is a Moyen / small standard Poodle. Her dad is the wonderful Caleb who lives full time in a nursing home as a therapy dog to the residents. June is a gold & white parti. She’s happy, outgoing, pretty, stable and bold. She lives in east Texas with her guardian, Diana. June had her first litter with stud muffin top winning champion show dog Golden Retriever, Luke. We got to train one of those adorable puppies spring 2023. He was a dream dog to train!

Adorable JuneBug

June is working on growing her coat nice & long so she can enter conformation dog shows. She just got groomed to get her coat in shape. We will enter her in 2023 and hope to soon get her championship.

This link shows June is fully OFA & DNA certified. Her hips & elbows were done under 2 years of age, so we have the certificate shown below, but it isn’t posted on OFA.

OFA Hips (prelim, under 2 years old)

OFA Elbows (prelim, under 2 years old)

OFA Heart

OFA Eyes

OFA Patella

JuneBug with her show cut
JuneBug is sure cute & ready for a dog show
JuneBug’s OFA hips & elbow certificate
Her dad, Caleb’s OFA hip/elbow certificate
Caleb, JuneBug’s dad
Henry at 6 months = JuneBug + Luke (parents)